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 Saegan Swanson, Executive Director 

Saegan Swanson has proudly called New Orleans her home for the past decade. With a 15 year tenure working as a consultant and operational manager for various non-profit organizations in both California and Louisiana, she was honored to take on the position of Executive Director at Luke's House Clinic in 2022. 

Natalie Arias Programs  Director/ Patient Navigator

Natalie Arias is the program director at Luke's House, and her position is made possible through the Methodist Health System Foundation. She is passionate about working alongside our patients and making them feel comfortable and confident in seeking the care that they need. She is excited to work here and to help make our clinic a welcoming place for anyone who walks through our doors.

Crystal Roa, B.A. Programs  Director/ Partnerships

Born and raised in New Orleans, Crystal interned at Luke's House from 2019-2022; now she is the programs Director. She received her Bachelor's Degree at Loyola University in Sociology with a minor in environmental. She is excited to work here at Luke's house where she navigates patients, helps them feel great about themselves, and makes a change in their lives.

Natalie Gomez, B.S. Health Educator

Natalie Gomez is the health educator at Luke’s House Clinic.

She received her Bachelor's in general medicine from Universidad Central del Este Dominican Republic. She is passionate about pursuing medicine and working closely with underserved communities. Natalie has been involved with other clinical organizations in her own community in the Dominican Republic. Her dedication for pursuing medicine was to promote health equity, justice, and patient advocacy.

Andres Torres B.S. Community Health Worker 
Andres Torres recently began calling New Orleans his new home since he moved from California at the beginning of 2023. He graduated with his B.A. in Human Biology and Society from UCLA and plans to put his education to use with his new position as a Community Health Worker here at Luke's House. As a Community Health Worker, Andres works on patient navigation, access to healthcare, and asylum cases to help the community members practice self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and self-determination.

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